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BLM Rivers in Idaho

State(s) River Name Section Class Length
ID Big Wood Big Wood River Canyon II-III 6
ID Blackfoot Government Dam to Trail Creek Bridge II-III 44
ID Blackfoot Trail Creek Bridge to Cedar Creek II-V 44
ID Bruneau Indian Hot Springs to Bruneau Take Out III-IV 41
ID Bruneau, West Fork Rowland NV to Indian Hot Springs IV-V+ 31
ID Clearwater Dworshak Reservoir to WA Boarder I-II 35
ID Clearwater Middle Fork-South Fork Confluence to North Fork Confluence II 37
ID Deep Creek Deep Creek to East Fork Owyhee II 32
ID Jarbidge Main Jarbidge III-V 29
ID Lolo Creek Lolo Creek IV-V 25
ID Owyhee East Fork Owyhee III-V+ 42
ID Owyhee East Fork Owyhee, Upper III-V 23
ID, OR Owyhee North Fork Owyhee III-IV 16
ID Owyhee South Fork Owyhee, Lower III-V 46
ID, NV Owyhee South Fork Owyhee, Upper III 24
ID, OR Owyhee Upper Main Owyhee III-V 35
ID Payette, Main Banks to Beehive Bend II-III 8
ID Payette, Main Beehive Bend to Horseshoe Bend II-III 10
ID Payette, North Fork North Fork Payette River-Cabarton III 8
ID Payette, South Fork South Fork Payette II 12
ID Payette, South Fork Swirly Canyon III-IV 8
ID Salmon, East Fork Little Boulder Creek to Main Salmon Confluence I-II 22
ID Salmon, Lower Allison Creek to Riggins III-IV 7
ID Salmon, Lower Eagle Creek to Snake River Confluence III-IV 13
ID Salmon, Lower French Creek to Allison Creek III 8
ID Salmon, Lower Hammer Creek to Pine Bar Boat Ramp III-IV 11
ID Salmon, Lower Lucille to Whitebird/Hammer Creek III 25
ID Salmon, Lower Pine Bar to Eagle Creek III-IV 29
ID Salmon, Lower Riggins to Lucille III 12
ID Salmon, Lower Vinegar Creek to French Creek III 7
ID Salmon, Upper Challis Bridge to Sportsman's Access I-II 7
ID Salmon, Upper Cottonwood to Kilpatrick I-II 17
ID Salmon, Upper Deadman to Dugway I-II 4
ID Salmon, Upper Dugway to Challis Bridge I-II 6
ID Salmon, Upper East Fork to Deadman I-II 7
ID Salmon, Upper Kilpatrick to Shoup I-II 25
ID Salmon, Upper Morgan Bar to Tower Rock I-II 6
ID Salmon, Upper Shoup to Morgan Bar I-II 12
ID Salmon, Upper Sportsman's Access to Spring Gulch I-II 8
ID Salmon, Upper Spring Gulch to Cottonwood I-II 6
ID Salmon, Upper Torrey's Bar to East Fork I-II 16
ID Sheep Creek Sheep Creek IV-V 21
ID Snake Confluence to Menan I 2
ID Snake Menan to Roberts I-II 15.5
ID Snake Pipeline Recreation Site I-II 0.3
ID Snake Salmon/Snake Confluence to Heller Bar III-IV 20
ID Snake, Middle Black Butte to Swan Falls Dam I 20
ID Snake, Middle Blackfoot to American Falls I-II 40
ID Snake, Middle Bliss to King Hill I-II 9
ID Snake, Middle Grand View to Black Butte I 8
ID Snake, Middle Hagerman (Lower Salmon Falls Dam) to Bliss II-III 7
ID Snake, Middle Milner-Murtaugh V 8.5
ID Snake, Middle Murtaugh IV-V 13
ID Snake, Middle Swan Falls Dam to Celebration Park I-II 10
ID Snake, South Fork Byington to Twin Bridges I-II 7
ID Snake, South Fork Conant to Fullmer I-II 14
ID Snake, South Fork Fullmer to Wolf Flat I-II 7
ID Snake, South Fork Lorenzo to Confluence I-II 7
ID Snake, South Fork Palisades Creek to Spring Creek I-II 10
ID Snake, South Fork Palisades Dam to Palisades Creek I-II 2
ID Snake, South Fork Spring Creek to Conant Boat Ramp I-II 2
ID Snake, South Fork Twin Bridges to Lorenzo I-II 7.5
ID Snake, South Fork Wolf Flat to Byington I-II 4
ID Teton River Felt Dam to Teton Dam I-IV 27
  Total: 1065.8